Reflections and Shadows – Wellington with the Fujifilm X100s

Wellington street and Westpac stadium

 From a bus window [X100s: f5.6, 1/125, ISO 2000]

For anyone who knows New Zealand the capital, Wellington, though cool in so many ways, is not well known for good weather. All too often it’s windy and cool – in the wrong sense – but on a sunny day there is no other city in New Zealand it’s equal.

I have been using the Fuji X100s for the last couple of years and, despite changing my previous DSLR for the X-T1 earlier this year, the X100s is the camera I find myself wanting to carry and use. It’s so perfect for street photography; light, silent and not obvious. The photograph above was taken from the bus out to the airport. I am always drawn to gestures and reflections.

Wellington street and Westpac stadium

Runner and shadows [X100s: f5.6, 1/2400, ISO 400]

Are shadows the opposite of reflections? The evening sun was shining on a perforated metal screen on a walkway near the waterfront. People were continually walking, running and cycling past. It was just a matter of finding the right position and waiting.

Wellington street and Westpac stadium

Take off the shades [X100s: f5.6, 1/60, ISO 3200]

By now it was getting close to dark when I saw this unfolding on the street. Sometimes you have to shoot from the hip. The X100s handles high ISO with what I think is a pleasing grain in black and white. If the picture has drama does everything need to be sharp?


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