Art Photography

Morag Printing Press

I need to be a little clearer.. This is not about a photography as art, but the photography of  art works.

It’s flattering to be asked to produce photographs for an exhibition catalogue but, when the artist is your wife, a little nerve wracking too.

Morag creates large scale woodblock prints and cuts out the inked woodblocks themselves so that they make artworks in their own right. Fascinating to see the way in which the woodblock and the print made from it are akin to the  negative and print produced in film photography. Anyway I have tried to rise to the challenge. The images of the artworks themselves were made with the Fuji X-T1 and Fuji 35mm F1.4. The studio was reasonably evenly lit with daylight, but the artworks themselves are largely black ink on white paper, so exposure required care and the images have had some mild post-processing in Iridient Developer. The images of Morag at work were mostly taken with the Fuji X100S.

See more of Morag’s work (and maybe buy some art!) here.

Morag woodcutting

The woodblocks are cut by hand

Morag Printing Oct 2014

Inked using a roller

Morag Printing Oct 2014

Printed by hand – these are too large to go through a printing press

Morag Printing Oct 2014

Then the inked woodblocks are tidied by redefining some of the areas where the ink has spread, ready for display.

Morag’s recent work has used our relationships to wild and domesticated animals to comment on other social issues such as the treatment of women and children. Here’s a selection:

Protector (block)

Protector (print)

Predatory Nature (block)

Predatory Nature (print)

Mother Bird (block)

Mother Bird (print)

Hector (block)Hector (print)

[all images Copyright Morag Shaw 2014, not to be reproduced without permission of the artist]


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