The crane in the field

Sunset crane in field

Driving around the other day I noticed a large crane in an empty field. Usually there are crops growing there, onions early in the year and later tomatoes. So the crane looked really out of place. Sadly what I think is going on is that the crane is lifting a large concrete block that was on the ground nearby and dropping it repeatedly to compact the earth prior to the field being built on. There are some light industrial buildings nearby and urban sprawl does just that.

The shape of the crane was so graphic against the flat landscape that I planned to return. It was a good sunset last night with the light breaking between clouds so I headed off with the Fuji X-T1 with the 56mm lens and the X100S for some wider shots. Luckily the gate to the field was open and there was no-one about at that time. I underexposed most of the images to give a strong sillouette to the crane while not blowing the highlights in the sky. As the sun went further down the clouds took on a dark menacing appearance. Maybe a good symbol for the industrialization of farm land?

Sunset crane in field

Sunset crane in field

Sunset crane in field

Sunset crane in field


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