The birds and the bees with the Fuji X-T1 and 56mm F1.2

bumble pink poppy 1

The Fujinon XF56mm F1.2 R has to be my favorite of the X Series lenses. In fact I have to have a very good reason to take it off the X-T1 and use another focal length. Not just perfect for portraits it’s also a very versatile short telephoto. I can’t do without the 23mm (35mm equivalent) either – it’s essential for my street photography but the X100s is a fantastic 23mm lens with a free camera attached!

My mission today was to try and photograph one of New Zealand’s most attractive native birds – the Tui. Beautiful iridescent feathers and, being a nectar feeder, drawn to the flax in our garden which is in flower. Also has a very unusual call – listen here. However the Tui visiting our garden was onto me so I only got a couple of unsatisfactorily distant shots.

Tui on flax

Not wanting to give in too quickly I turned to the bees which were feeding in the poppies and other flowers. Don’t forget it’s nearly summer here, despite the snow storms in the States. At least the bees were a bit less shy than the Tui.

Poppy red bees

bumble pink poppy 3

honey bee yellow

bumble pink poppy 2

All images © Simon Shaw 2014


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