A day at the Zoo

Wellington Zoo

Small zoos in small cities, they have a definite appeal that’s different from the world’s major zoos. As long as the animals are extremely well cared for and have the necessary space. I didn’t get as much photography in as I would have liked. The Fuji XF 56mm is a bit too short a telephoto for most wildlife, even at fairly close quarters. Though some of the animals came closer to us…

Wellington Zoo Wellington Zoo

The main purpose of the visit was to have a close encounter with a pair of red pandas. Magical experience to have these far too cute for their own good animals eating pear, banana and grapes from your hand.

Wellington Zoo

A short time ago I was trying to photograph one of New Zealand’s native birds, the Tui, as it fed in our garden. Go all the way to the zoo and there’s one in a tree in the picnic area which turns out to be a lot less shy.

Wellington Zoo

And though wildlife photography isn’t a strength of mine – even when they can’t run. fly or swim away – I still love observing the human species…

Wellington Zoo

All images © Simon Shaw 2014


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