Shine Falls with the Fujifilm X-T1

shine falls 3

Shine Falls in Hawke’s Bay drop a spectacular 58m over a limestone cliff. We wanted to get out in the sunshine for a New Year’s Eve walk. After a bit of a drive there’s a Department of Conservation car parking area, complete with picnic site and long-drop toilet, and then an easy walk through farmland and bush to the falls.

I took my X-T1 with Fuji 35mm and Mitakon 24mm lenses. I only had a screw on neutral density filter with a 56mm thread which wouldn’t fit either lens. So, with the  camera firmly mounted on the tripod I had to hold the filter carefully in front of the lens. Add to that a fair bit of spray blowing in the breeze from the falls onto the filter and lens and I’m more than satisfied with the results.

limestone formationsWeathered limestone cliffs on the farmland section.

forest fungi

Fungi on a very much still living tree in the forest.

grassesSome interesting grasses

nursery webA nursery web to protect the young spiderlings (unlike Australia, New Zealand is not home to any really big or poisonous spiders!)

tree ferns

A pattern of tree ferns branches – typical New Zealand lowland forest.

red admiral

A Red Admiral butterfly near the fallsshine falls 13

The falls appear through the trees

shine falls 7shine falls 11shine falls 5

The stream leading from the falls

shine falls stream

kiwi crossingAnd the sign at the start/finish point (not much chance of a kiwi crossing in daylight, but it’s a nice sign)

All images © Simon Shaw 2015


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