Fuji MCEX-11 Extension Tube in action


One thing I have missed using the Fuji X series cameras has been a true macro lens. The XF 60mm is a macro lens, but does not give a 1:1 magnification, and who wants the 60mm instead of the magical 56mm anyway? Oh, and there’s the Zeiss Touit macro for X mount, but ditto. So I was happy to hear Fuji had produced the 11mm and 16mm macro extension tubes. Sure, they still don’t give 1:1 magnification in most cases, but work with a range of lenses and are so much cheaper than a new lens.

Off into the garden with the 11mm extension tube coupled with the XF 35mm and Mitakon 24mm lenses on the X-T1. The images were taken hand held in quite breezy conditions- neither ideal for serious macro photography, so I wasn’t using the lenses stopped down very far.

As you would expect the Fuji lens produced sharper, higher contrast images, though the Mitakon gave a slightly ‘dreamy’ quality which suits the floral subjects well.

finished flowering

Mitakon 24mm


Mitakon 24mm

seed heads

Mitakon 24mm


Mitakon 24mm

silk tree flower

XF 35mm


Mitakon 24mmsmall white

Mitakon 24mmpink poppy

Mitakon 24mm


Mitakon 24mm

purple 1

XF 35mm

purple 2Mitakon 24mm

All images © Simon Shaw 2015


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