Impressionist Photography – shooting through coloured glass


I’m always trying to think of new ways to make images, to keep inspired and experiment. It doesn’t matter if things turn out well or not, the main thing is to do something new and to keep learning as I go. Though I can blunder my way around Photoshop I always try to get things as I want them in camera. Adding effects afterwards, well it’s ok and collage is a legitimate art technique… but, unless it’s done really well – and there are plenty of photographers out there who can do it really, really well- it usually kind of sucks.

Sorry for the semi rant. What happened was that I saw a coloured panel we have hung on the wall as a decoration and thought ‘what if I took some images with that in front of the lens?’. So I did and some of them came out ok. Then I scoured the house for thick glass bottles, vases, drinking glasses and held them in front of the Mitakon 24mm lens on the X-T1. Auto exposure worked just fine. Fairly bright subjects such as the sky, or brightly coloured subjects seemed to work best. The electronic shutter firmware upgrade for the X-T1 came in handy.

I’m still on the look out for more glass objects to shoot through.



DSCF5235DSCF5248DSCF5224DSCF5251DSCF5210DSCF5226DSCF5194DSCF5260All images © Simon Shaw 2015


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