Goodbye X-T1, Hello X-Pro 2

Well, it’s happened. The Fujifilm X-Pro 2 is well and truely here. No doubt you have read some of the technical reviews and the raves about the new film simulation (Acros), and the joysticky, focus-point selector, do-it-all button.


X-Pro 2 by X-Pro 1

If you are either an existing enthusiast of the Fujinon X series lens or would like to build a system around them and, let’s face it, lenses not camera bodies are the heart of a system, then there are only three questions;

  1. Should I get the X-Pro 2?
  2. Should I get the X-T1?
  3. Should I wait for the X-T2?

The answer of course is yes, but which question depends on how and what you shoot and, of course, on how much cash you can spend.

I shoot street, travel and portraits plus a mixture of lots else, less often. I really, really like an optical viewfinder where I can see what’s about to arrive in frame. I don’t major in sports or wildlife and I prefer primes to zooms. Not that there’s anything wrong with zooms; used primes for years, then zooms for years, now I’m back to primes. For me the rangefinder style X-Pros are prefect and so my X-T1 has found a new happy owner.

If you like a high quality electronic viewfinder and don’t mind the centre prism style then the X-T1 is awesome. If you want blazing autofocus and high MP counts then maybe await the X-T2, or stick to a DSLR. But those lenses…

I’m not that concerned about MP counts and ‘old’ technology isn’t really old so I am keeping my X-Pro 1. If cash is tight and you want into the Fujifilm X system then maybe a used X-Pro 1 is the way to go. You can save for a Pro 2 – they will come down in price within the year I predict – and you will always have a great back up body.


X-Pro 1 by X-Pro 2

But enough. What do I think of the first few weeks using the X-Pro 2? No complaints from me. I’ll let you in on a little secret. The sound of the shutter is so addictive that I am taking twice as many shots as I need to just to hear it again. And again, and again, and again…

Any limitations might be illustrated by the extras I have bought/ am planning on buying. Got a Lexar SDHC II card for slot one. Sturdy wrist strap.Three(!) extra batteries to add to the three I already have. Awaiting Lensmate’s development of a thumb rest and going to get a soft release button at the same time. That’s it really. Oh, and come on Fuji and produce a weather resistant F2 23mm prime to match the F2 35mm WR.



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